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Our partnerships

About is a dynamic gaming platform which offers a plethora of online esports tournaments and competitions for a variety of popular games such as Fortnite, League of Legends, and Overwatch. These tournaments can range from casual events to more competitive ones, offering players of a variety of skill levels a chance to showcase their abilities and win prizes. In addition, aims to foster a vibrant gaming community by providing features for players to connect, communicate, and share their gaming experiences. Users can create profiles, join teams, and interact with other gamers through chat and forums.

The problem

Due to challenges stemming from ineffective communication, fierce competition within the industry, and limited user outreach, encountered difficulties in effectively connecting with its target audience. As a result, enlisted the help of AFK to find new and innovative ways to engage with their user base. The platform wanted to tap into the expansive global network of gamers worldwide and enhance the brands visibility by launching influencer marketing campaigns, which focused on expanding its presence on popular networks like TikTok and YouTube.

AFK’s Solution: A multi-platform strategy

Leveraging their vast and in-depth knowledge of gaming content and influencer matching, AFK meticulously assessed and selected the most suitable influencers for This selection process considered crucial aspects such as content quality, influencer persona, viewership, engagement performance, and pricing. AFK's commitment to transparency in evaluating these factors allowed to actively participate in the final decision-making process and contribute their perspective.

An integral part of the selection strategy involved harnessing the potential of micro-influencers and prioritising personality-driven content over gameplay-focused content. This approach proved highly effective, as it resulted in a superior cost-to-effectiveness ratio. By collaborating with micro-influencers who possessed a highly engaged and loyal community, managed to successfully convert viewers into active users of the platform.

Simultaneously, to meet the brand awareness objectives set by, AFK also identified and enlisted the support of macro-influencers, capitalising on their substantial and wide-reaching audience. By adopting this two-pronged approach, the campaign impact was comprehensive, addressing both the goals of fostering engagement and maximising reach.

The result

The strategic combination of macro and micro influencers resulted in a highly successful campaign with impressive results:

Extensive Creator Involvement: With 39 creators participating in the campaign, the breadth of engagement and collaboration showcased the campaign's widespread appeal.

Impressive Impressions: The campaign generated a total of 6.5 million impressions, indicating the substantial reach and exposure to the target audience.

Significant Click-throughs: The campaign also achieved an impressive 104,000 clicks, demonstrating the effectiveness of the content and its ability to capture users' attention and interest.

Substantial New Sign-ups: As a testament to the campaign's impact, it resulted in 13,000 new sign-ups, showcasing its ability to drive user acquisition and expand the user base.

This case study exemplifies the power of AFK’s meticulously planned and executed multi-platform strategy, which successfully propelled user acquisition and bolstered brand recognition for

Key Stats

Number of creators involved: 39

Total Impressions: 6.5M

Total Clicks: 104k

New Sign-ups: 13k