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Our partnerships


Razer had selected Gamescom - the largest gaming event in Europe - for their regional market launch of RESPAWN By 5 (a collaboration between Razer and 5 Gum).

With thousands of attendees, Razer needed a strategy to stand out and make a lasting impression on potential customers. Our challenge was to find a way to promote RESPAWN By 5 effectively.


AFK selected and managed a group of influencers who could help Razer reach its target audience and promote the launch of RESPAWN By 5 in Germany. At the Razer Gamescom booth, they participated in various RESPAWN By 5-related activities and events, providing a unique and interactive experience for attendees.

The selected influencers also shared their experiences on their social media channels, giving added exposure and credibility to the product. This allowed Razer to expand their offline interaction with RESPAWN By 5 and connect with the gaming community in a meaningful way.

Key Stats

12 Influencers

452K Total Impressions

37 Posts

5% Average Engagement Rate

"From gaming to cosplay to entertainment and fitness, the AFK team assembled a phenomenal lineup of influencers who helped us attract a broad audience to our Gamescom booth and engage with RESPAWN by 5"

Stefan Rech /Senior Manager, Global Influencer Marketing, Razer
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