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Esports: we’ve got your six

AFK’s years of experience in esports representation allows us to identify the very best opportunities in the industry and utilise our extensive knowledge to pair brands with the right audience. Whether you’re a brand looking to partner with some of the world’s best professional esports tournaments, teams and players, or you’re a talented player looking to further realise your potential, we’re here to make that happen.

Take your success beyond the screen. Our consulting services will handle the rest.

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Esports Representation

What we can do for you

  • Sponsorship sales

    With loyal and highly-engaged communities, AFK partner with tournaments, teams and players who offer ready-made platforms for brands to target their hard-to-reach target audience. We use our in-depth knowledge of marketing and esports to broker mutually-beneficial sponsorships for our clients and players, with a dedicated team of experts on hand to ensure campaign success.

  • Esports marketing

    Some agencies might act as an intermediary but leave you to it. AFK’s Pro team works closely with our players, teams and clients alike, using our creativity to advise on campaign delivery and helping to ensure your innovative campaigns get the massive reach and exceptional ROI they deserve.

  • Esports operations

    AFK has decades of combined experience in working with esports teams, so we’re confident that we know the industry inside-out. That means we’re perfectly placed to help your team with development and contract negotiations, advise on branding strategies, source the most lucrative and influential partnerships, and raise your profile. Whatever you need, we’re on your team.

  • Player career development

    “It's dangerous to go alone!” The esports landscape is vast, but we’re always here to help. No matter what stage you’re at in your career, if you’re looking for a team we’ll help you find the right fit, handle negotiations, review contracts, and make sure any deal you sign takes care of you. You are your brand, so let’s build it into something spectacular together.


Connecting AAA brands with the best in esports


The esports market is projected to reach $1.63bn globally in 2023. We’re here to help you be a part of that.

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