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Plarium Case Study Plarium Case Study

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About Plarium

Headquartered in Tel-Aviv, Israel, Plarium is a video game publisher and publisher with a portfolio of more than 20 games for PC/Mac and mobile. Its most notable property is Raid: Shadow Legends; a critically-acclaimed fantasy RPG which has achieved more than 80 million downloads and over $1 billion in revenue to date.

The Problem

While Plarium has a strong marketing strategy for its range of games, it is always eager to try new and innovative ways of engaging players. Plarium wanted to both bring its games to the attention of new users, as well as grow the existing audience by showcasing other titles that they may not yet have played.

Primarily focusing on Raid: Shadow Legends and Mech Arena, Plarium was further investing in paid promotion and wanted to use influencer and attention marketing to expose different audiences to its games.

Plarium wanted AFK to set up and run the global performance influencer marketing campaigns at scale on Twitch from start to finish. With one of Plarium’s key goals to exhibit their properties to new audiences, the publisher was very open-minded to the kinds of content creators that AFK engaged, allowing them to use their creator and industry experience to source the right influencers for the task.

How AFK Solved It

Having previously supported Plarium with its media buying efforts, AFK are now an established and trusted partner of the publisher and have a deep understanding of Plarium’s goals and expectations, so this felt like a natural collaboration for both companies.

 AFK took into consideration a multitude of factors when selecting content creators - such as a variety of languages spoken and disparate audience demographics - to ensure the maximum amount of exposure to a wide mix of different viewers.

The creators were briefed on their sponsored segments by AFK with the following deliverables: 2 hours of gameplay streaming for one of Plarium’s games, with passive branding on their Twitch panel for 7 days. AFK recommended a game from Plarium’s portfolio for each influencer to stream depending on what would resonate best with their audience. A set of KPIs related to the number of new downloads was also communicated, with bonuses available to creators for reaching their targets.

An additional benefit that AFK provided was to bring performance marketing to live broadcast advertising via their own API integration. The software allows streamers to have overlays on their live streams with a number of features to promote Plarium’s games, including a dynamic progress bar which updates in real time to display the progress of a particular goal, such as number of downloads. The API integration offers WebM support to allow photo and video overlays, with any changes reflected to the audience in real time. This offered streamers a sleek and professional way to display Plarium’s campaign assets at will whilst live.

The results

By using attention marketing to pique viewers’ interests rather than using more intrusive advertising methods, AFK’s content creators had a much more integrated approach to promoting Plarium’s games. The wide range of audience demographics and the talent of the content creators lead to an excellent number of downloads, engaging lapsed players and introducing new ones to the portfolio.

The relationship between AFK and Plarium continues to be strengthened, with the two companies collaborating on some incredibly exciting projects ongoing and AFK offering lifecycle support to Plarium.

Key Stats

4300 creators

6200+ activations