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Our partnerships

About Lilith

Established in 2013 in Shanghai, Lilith Games has rapidly grown to become a globally recognised developer of high-quality, engaging mobile games. Lilith holds a total of 103 apps, its impressive portfolio includes renowned titles such as Rise of Kingdoms (crossing $2 billion in lifetime revenue in 2022), Dislyte, and AFK Arena (generating $1.45 billion In revenue in 2020), which are enjoyed by over 150 million players worldwide. Fueled by their passion for creating captivating games, the company is dedicated to delivering unique gaming experiences to players across the globe. In 2020, Lilith Games was featured on the BrandZ Top 50 Chinese Global Brand Builders ranking. Boasting a workforce of over 1,800 staff (2021) and an app revenue in June 2023 of $53m, including $33m for iOS apps and $20m for Android apps.

The Problem

Despite a substantial digital presence, especially in Western markets, Lilith Games recognised the need for a more global focus. Subsequently, AFK were briefed with expanding the reach of Lilith Games as well as increasing its exposure to new audiences, and bolstering the positioning of their games across multiple platforms. To achieve this expansion strategy, a comprehensive, large-scale global performance influencer marketing campaign on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch was required. As a result, Lilith Games tasked AFK with handpicking the perfect content creators to endorse three of its games: Warpath, Call of Dragons, and Rise of Kingdoms.

How AFK Solved It

Keeping a close focus on diverse audiences, AFK carefully handpicked influencers capable of engaging a broad spectrum of viewers in different languages and demographics to maximise the reach of the marketing campaign.

To enhance Lilith's market presence, AFK devised several strategies:

  1. Audience Profiling: An in-depth analysis and segmentation for each game title was conducted, which refined AFK’s understanding of the target users for precise marketing execution.

  2. Inclusive Influencer Strategy: By selecting influencers which have access to a range of audience sizes and gaming genres, AFK maximised audience reach and engagement.

  3. In-Game Incentives: AFK enhanced user participation and engagement by providing rewards or exclusive in-game content to those who actively engage with the marketing campaigns. This strategy created additional incentives, encouraging users to interact further with the campaigns.

  4. Utilising User-Generated Content: Digital marketing efforts were further boosted by obtaining usage rights for the most effective influencer integration, amplifying and leveraging their content to a greater extent. This approach significantly enhanced Lilith Games reach and impact across various platforms.

Strategic Release Timing: To ensure maximum effectiveness and ease of measurement, all promotional efforts were strategically condensed into a single impactful weekend. This led to more accurate and streamlined evaluation of the promotional efforts.


As a result of this strategy, Call of Dragons saw a marked increase in user acquisition and game downloads. The campaign gained over 8 million total views and over 350,000 engagements. Successful activations with the likes of Vanoss (1.6M views, 4% engagement rate) and Willjum (2.4M views, 2.4% engagement rate) are key examples. This not only expanded the player base but also contributed significantly to enhancing the brand's presence in the digital gaming landscape, enabling Lilith Games to strategically concentrate its resources and efforts.

Key Stats

8 million total views

350,000 engagements

Vannos - 1.6M views and 4% engagement rate

Willjum - 2.4M views and 2.4% engagement rate